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2002AD / 1422-23AH        Vol. 4


Opening Notes: IN THIS ISSUE:
As 2002 comes to a close, it is once again a pleasure to be able to provide the group with an issue of our e-Journal as-Sikka. 

This year I owe a big "thank you", to Alexander Akin who did most of the work on the 2002 issue and took on the responsibility of being editor of as-Sikka. I also want to thank David Elliot for his multiple contributions some of which will be featured in 2003. 

I will begin posting The 2003 as-Sikka immediately. The issue will build, and can be edited all year and will only become final in November of 2003.

While I have your attention, I would like to urge you all to take up the challenge of writing something for as-Sikka in 2003. I have posted a theme survey for your consideration. 

The Andalusian issue of as-Sikka (2001) has been the most successful so far and the contributors from Spain and elsewhere have earned bragging rights for this. Will the Ottoman collectors and scholars in our group accept that and take second place? How about the members who collect and study Persian coins and history? 

Or should we go in another direction? Should we consider calling 2003 the year of the fals and focusing as-Sikka on that as a subject? Your call! The SURVEY is up don't miss a chance to let your voice be heard.


star1.JPG (822 bytes) Symbols and Language of Coins of Krim from the Golden Horde Period
by U.P. Lebedev,  translated David Elliott.
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Old And New Saray - Capital Of The Golden Horde
By E. Y. Goncharov Translated by David Elliot
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Additions to the Murabitid silver catalogue
Miguel Vega and Salvador Peņa
star1.JPG (822 bytes) A New Dirham Type of Sultan Isma'il from Trablus (a re-visit)
Fawzan Barrage
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Analysis Of Umayyad Islamic Silver Coins (Dirhams) By Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
Bakraji E H & Sarhell A
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Seventeenth century Islamic coins found on the Shores of Devon
Zaineb Latif
star1.JPG (822 bytes) 2003 as-Sikka theme survey


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