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Summer 2001AD / 1422AH        Vol. 3.1


Opening Notes: IN THIS ISSUE:
I will opt for brevity in these opening notes, with the hope that the quality and value of this issue will speak for itself.

I want to take this opportunity, however, to thank all the contributors who made this issue the best as-Sikka yet.

Specifically, I would like to thank Tawfiq Ibrahim. Not only for his important contributions in the three articles that crown this issue, but for championing the cause of as-Sikka and also for initiating and helping me in my translation of al-Dawahit al-Mushtabakat Fi Dawabit Dar al-Sikka.

The idea of focusing each issue of as-Sikka on a theme or subject is one that I would like the group's input on. I have posted a poll which I hope you will be willing to participate in. It will help us in delivering an increasingly more useful eJournal.

Finally, and on a different note, I would like to entertain the idea of an editorial board that would act on a rotating basis in putting together future issues of as-Sikka. Your thoughts, initiatives and volunteer spirits are sought.



star1.JPG (822 bytes) The Islamic Conquest of Spain From
"History of the Conquest of Spain" by Ibn Abd al-Hakem:

Translated by John Harris Jones (Gottingen, W. Fr. Kaestner, 1858), pp. 18-22
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Coin Supplement to N.M. Lowick's Monnaies Des Sulaymanides De Suq Ibrahim Et De Tanas, Revue numismatique, 1983, 6em série, XXV, p. 177-187.
Tawfiq Ibrahim.
star1.JPG (822 bytes) A Century  Old Numismatic Myth.
Tawfiq Ibrahim
star1.JPG (822 bytes) A New Addition To The Numismatics Of The Emirate Of Granada. A Dinar Of Isma´il II. 760-61/ 1358-59.
Tawfiq Ibrahim.
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Two Unpublished Almohad Coins
Sebastian Gaspariño
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Obverse and reverse in Murabitid coins
(with reference to an unrecorded half qirat)

Miguel Vega (Archivo Diocesano de Málaga, Spain)
Salvador Peña (Universidad de Málaga, Spain)
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Chapter Five Of:
"Al-Dawhat al-Mushtabakat Fi Dawabit Dar al-Sikka"
By Abi al-Hasan ‘Ali b. Yusuf al-Hakim

Translated by Fawzan Barrage
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Contemporary Counterfeits, A Document Of History, The Counterfit  Dirhams of Morocco 1283-1291H
Marc Pelletier
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Seal Of Solomon On Coins Of Morocco
Marc Pelletier
star1.JPG (822 bytes)

star1.JPG (822 bytes)

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