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Winter 2000AD / 1421AH       Vol. 2.3


Opening Notes: IN THIS ISSUE:
I am pleased to present you with another issue of as-Sikka to close out the millennium. This issue marks a notable increased participation of members on a diversity of subjects related and sometimes tangential to our field. I hope that this trend will continue in the future, and that we will gradually build a newsletter/magazine of choice on the net.

I am now convinced that we should publish as-Sikka twice a year instead of quarterly. I think that will allow more members to prepare meaningful contributions, and will make as-Sikka a more valuable publication.

That does not preclude us from being able to publish valuable reports on a more timely basis. I have already dedicated two pages on this site to on-going forums and conferences and will be happy to do the same in the future for any similar happenings.

I hope these pages will be used by the conference and forum organizers not just for announcements, but also as a venue to allow us to see some of their works and give us news of their latest findings.

I would also like to work out a way in the future to have either live reports on the chat page or timely reports to the group emails of conferences around the globe. Maybe we will start this endeavor with the coming conference in Russia?! Stay tuned. You ain't seen nothin' yet!

This being a holiday period for all (Ramadan, Christmas, Hanukah) I wish you all the best for your holidays and for the new Milleniums



star1.JPG (822 bytes) Methodology in Islamic Numismatics
Michael L. Bates
star1.JPG (822 bytes) An Introduction to Early Muslim Drahms
Stuart D. Sears
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Golden Horde Coins Minted In Solkhat.
Konstantin K. Khromov
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Excerpt from: "For God, Mammon, and Country : A Nineteenth Century Persian Merchant" The Story of Haj Muhammad Hassan Amin al-Zarb
Shireen Mahdavi, Ph.D.
star1.JPG (822 bytes) The Ottoman Coinage Of Cyprus (Part 2)
Gyula Petrányi
star1.JPG (822 bytes) An Arab-Sassanian Dirham of Dimashq (year 72 A.H.)
M.S. Jazzar
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Islamic Bronze Weights from the Vicinity of Aleppo,
Warren C. Schultz
star1.JPG (822 bytes) "Nihayat al-Rutba Fi Talab al-Hisba",By Abd al-Rahman Bin Nasir al-Shayzari
A translation

Fawzan Barrage
Dr. Vladimir Suchy
star1.JPG (822 bytes) Word Puzzle: Find the mint names


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