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Spring 2000AD / 1420AH  Vol. 2.1


In this Issue:

Opening Notes
Chaghatayid Coins From Sinkiang By Dr. Tjong Ding Yih
Fifteenth century copper coins (dangi) from Kashgar By Dr. Tjong Ding Yih
An Unrecorded Abbasid Fals of al-Shash, AH 149, in the name of al-Mahdi By Jim Farr
Recognizing Modern Gold Plating of Seljuq Dinars By Alexander Akin
Collecting Medieval Islamic Coins Part II By Fawzan Barrage


With this issue of our newsletter we entering the second year of as-Sikka and the third year of the Islamic Coins Group. In this brief time we have grown to a healthy 215 members from around the world and we are adding to our ranks every day.

When you think that ours is a specialized hobby and field of study, it is truly marvelous to see so much interest being developed and a maturing of our forum as well.

I would like to still urge you to spread the word about our group and let everyone interested in Islamic coins know that we are here. The reward for us is a greater pool of knowledge and accessibility to draw from and a greater number of like minded individuals to chat with and share your interests.

Speaking of sharing, I am finding it exceedingly difficult to fill the pages of as-Sikka without harassing generous members for articles. The next issue should be in July, at which time I will have my hands full with a new member of the family let alone my real job and summer handyman chores around the house! Please make it easy on me and start thinking of contributing an article soon. If you have a previously published article that you can give permission for publishing I wouldn't mind that either. I anticipate that by the time as-Sikka is a couple of years old, we will be a well established publication, but the key is to be consistent and for that I need your help.

Enjoy the articles, and my thanks to Dr. Tjong Ding Yih, Jim Farr and Alexander Akin for their contributions to this issue.

Best regards



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