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 Winter 1999/2000AD / 1420AH Vol. 1.2


In this Issue:

Opening Notes, ANS and more!
Ottoman Coinage Part II
A new Empire is born, By Slobodan Sreckovic.
The Influence of Islamic Coins on the Russian Monetary System: An Introduction, By Eric R. Schena
Foes of the Crusaders, The Mamluks 1248-1290AD
A brief introduction, By Richard Bilak
Collecting Medieval Islamic Coins Part I, By Fawzan Barrage

Here it is as promised, our 2nd edition of as-Sikka. I hope you enjoy it.

Once again I need to ask you for article contributions to as-Sikka. The next issue will be coming out in March/April, so you have plenty of time to jot down an article about your field of collection or interest. Please contact me as soon as you have an idea for an article. Thank you.

As we approach the end of the 20th Century, a shadow looms over the fate of the Curatorship of the Islamic coins cabinet at the ANS. The society is in dire financial trouble. At the latest estimate, the society needs an infusion of about $100,000, earmarked to the Islamic collection by January 15th, to maintain the Islamic Curator position, a task that while not impossible, requires all our efforts to accomplish.

Why should we endow the curatorial chairs? As Wayne Sayles nicely stated: "Because it is [a] positions which can bridge the gap between private collector and academic worlds. The ANS is the best resource for scholarly study of Ancient and Islamic/Asian coins in the U.S. [and one of the very best in the world] and we need stable curatorial positions to attract and retain individuals with credibility and acceptance in academia".

Many projects are coming up in an effort to help the society, so stay tuned and please consider doing your part.


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